Before You are the topics that appear on the top of the 12 double sided boards (total 24 sides-games) that are inserted into Electrokey which buzzes when you get a correct response in this fun learning and educational game! 


Board 1:  Where is My Head?, Board 2 - Where are my legs?, 3 - What do I eat?, 4 - What is my favorite food?, 5 - What is made from what?, 6 - Where do I live?, 7 - What is the opposite of?  8 - What is similar to what?, 9 - How many fingers are there?, 10 - Which color is made from mixing the two colors?, 11 - How are we counting from 1-10?, 12- How are we counting from 11-20?, 13- To which worker do the working tools belong to?, 14 - What do I use for work? , 15 - How is it we are completing the shape?, 16- What is missing for completing of the picture? 17 - What is the correct time by hour?, 18 - What is the exact time including hours and minutes?,  19 - What do the signs tell us or warn us?,  20 - What drawing best fits the signs meaning?,  21 - whose footprints do these belong to?,  22 - what tool is being used to take care of plants shown on board?,  23 - Learning to count - How much is it from 1-10?,  24 - Learning to count - How much is it from 11 - 20.  


The game includes 1 electronic plastic game with 24 different games on 12 double sided boards.  

Overall Instructions:  

1)  Put in 2, 1.5 AA batteries by opening bottom latch on Electrokey game with small screwdriver and placing batteries inside.  

2)  Open the Electrokey game 

3)  Take out all the boards from the box

4)  Choose a board - Pay attention:  It is recommended to progress with child from board number 1 and until 24 in the correct order.   Place the chosen board in the Electrokey game on the surface with circles.   5) Pay attention - every board is divided into 2 parts:  an inner and outer part.  Players must be careful to always match between the drawings that are on the sides or margins of the boards to the drawing in the middle of the board.  

6)  Grip in each hand a handle with a metal tip (two hands will be holding two handles with metal tips)  

7)   Press one of the pin holes next to the drawings in the middle of the board and you will then search for its correct match on the margins or sides of that board.  

8)  Did you find the answer?  Pin the handles with the electronic tips next to the holes that are found next to the suiting or matching choice.  If a ringing is heard you are correct!  If you here no buzz then try to find another pair.  Do this on all the boards of the game. 


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