Dear Parents, ElectronicS is an interactive game for learning the Hebrew אב Alephbet and readiness to read. The advantage of Electronics is the

immediate response visual and auditory, the correct answer immediately causes the lighting of the bulbs and the beep, thus helping the learning

process and the motivation to continue playing by self. Electronics provides the child with independent feedback through buzzing mechanisms which signal a correct response even when playing alone thus enabling him to enjoy and learn from game independently.




  • ElectronicS Buzzing Game: 24 Boards for Learning the אב Letters in and other word categories such as rhyming words, matching words that begin with same sound, matching beginning letter to names of foods, matching beginning letters to names of animals, matching beginning letters to the word of picture in each row, matching words that begin with the same letter, matching blessings/greetings, and many other categories, etc. Each board teaches either letters of אב or a variety of different words where game players have to match words to pictures.
Matching letters and words for fun and ElectronicS buzzes and lights up! Instructions: Choosing one of 24 boards and place it into ElectronicS Machine. Hold the two handles with wires and metal tips with two hands and match words and letters by placing handles with metal tip in correct holes in board. Read instructions on top of each board being placed in machine. If the matching of metal tipped handles are placed in the correct holes on board the machines lights light up and game buzzes indicating a correct response.
Insert 4 double AA batteries into ElectronicS game and play to learn & have fun!



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