In this excellent beginners matching game there are 22 pairs of pictures corresponding to the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet as well as five other pictures that make game fun as well. On every card there is a drawing and a letter. The letter appearing on the card is the letter of the sound that the word begins with. On every pair of cards the letter is identical but the picture is different (example the card with the drawing of ליצן with the letter ל and the card with the drawing of לוח and the letter ל as 1 pair). Most of the items of drawings are likely familiar to child. In order to remove doubt regarding the object you may read the name of the object on the lower right hand corner of each card. In the game there are another 5 pair of cards with a picture only and the child needs only to remember their places in game.

The contribution of the game to developing the child's reading abilities is on several levels: the child learns to identify the opening sound of the

word, and the letter that represents it. In addition, the child learns that each letter represents different sounds (corresponding to the movement

attached to it: gift - pacifier, feather - tiger). This game also contributes to the development of the vital ability of visual memory (memory of

what is absorbed in the eyes). The child should remember the location of the card. For example: the child holds a peacock card in his hand, and he must remember that he saw a card with a telephone in the second row, third from the right. That way he could pick it up and make a pair.

Comparing and adapting the cards contributes to the development of adaptability, which is essential for the study of reading and writing.



The goals of the game are to:

1) learn and recognize the letters from מ- א ועד ת

2) to recognize the sounds that letters represent

3) to strengthen the phonetic ability of identifying the first sound in the word

4) to develop memory capacity and concentration


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