A game to develop visual perception and enrich vocabulary!

Preparation kit for kindergarten - 2nd Grade The game contains: 6 game boards and 54 game cards

Goal of Game:  To recognize 54 things photographed by name, to develop the ability to distinguish & match between cards & correct places on boards

and to enrich the vocabulary.


Dear Parents, in this lottery game, children enrich vocabulary and knowledge, develop adaptability and learn the names of the photographed images.

In this game the children see pictures from the world around them. All the photographs were taken in a natural and real environment, and the children

learn to know the animals, the fruits, the vegetables, the objects, the instruments, and the vehicles, as they really look

Instructions for Lottery Game: Place the cards in front of the children and face up. Show the children the pictures that appear on each card

and enjoy a lotto play of photos dealing with different subjects!

  • Each participant is assigned one or more game boards according to the number of participants. Each participant places the board in front of him

face up.

2. Grab the game cards and place them in the center pack facing down

3. Set turns for game

4. The first participant takes the top card from the deck and looks at the picture.

If the picture fits into his board, he puts it in its right place, and the line goes to the participant, and so on. If the picture is not suitable, he returns

the card to the bottom of the deck face down and the line passes to the next participant, and so on.

5. Winner: The first participant who manages to cover the game board with suitable game cards


Instructions for Memory Game:

1) Select "The Controller". The "Controller" gives each participant a single game board.

2 ) The "Controller" takes the game cards and places them in the center pack and face downwards.

3) Each participant watches his board for one minute and tries to remember the photographed pictures.

4) The "Controller" measures the time and at the end of it he announces that it took a minute. Participants turn their game boards over

and place them in front of them face down.

The "Controller" takes the top game card from the deck and shows it to all participants. The participant who thinks that the card matches his playing

board says "It is mine" and takes the card and places it next to the game board and face up. The "Controller" takes another game card from the pack,

and so on and so forth.

5) After the cards are out of the deck, each participant turns his playing board and places the cards he has taken during the game process accordingly.

An appropriate card - entitles the participant to one point.

A card that is not suitable - Obligates player a penalty of 2 points.

The winner - a participant who has accumulated the highest number of points


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