Opposites Lotto:  Fascinating Hebrew Matching Game!!


-The opposite of winter is summer.

- The opposite of heavy is light.


96 pictures of photographed opposites


Includes 8 Boards and 48 cards.  Game includes 96 words and their opposites.  There are 48 cards which must be matched to their correct opposites on the board.  For instance the card with picture of baby crying must be placed on board where there is picture of baby laughing....


Other examples are:  The opposite of far is close, the opposite of thick is thin, and the opposite of new is old.


Matching picture cards to the boards according to the words and their opposites.  

    *  The winner of the game - The first player who matches the cards to his game board!

    **  Game helps prepare students for school, for reading and writing, for developing language and comprehensive abilities!


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