Where Is It?  Grasping Directions!                                                                                                                     (Ages 3-6), (Players 1-4) 

A classic lotto game in Hebrew in which children learn the meanings of 24 different location words - right and left, near and far, above and below, between on side of, crawling under, jumping over, running around, running through etc.  Develops the concept and vocabulary of spatial relationships, plus matching skills and hand-eye coordination.
Dear Parents, in this lotto game, children learn to distinguish between the different locations of the dog in relation to the doghouse, the trees, etc. and in doing so , they enrich their vocabulary and knowledge.  In this game the children learn to understand the meaning of 24 words describing different locations (such as right, left, close, far, above, underneath).   Playing the game improves their ability to match and develops hand-eye coordination.    

 To distinguish between the different locations in the pictures and improve spatial orientation

  To develop the ability to differentiate and match cards to boards and enrich children's vocabulary.  

How to play:  
Place the game cards in front of the children, face up.  Show the pictures representing different locations to the children and enjoy playing a lotto game.  

 Each player takes one or more game boards, according to the number of players.  Each player places the board in front of him/her, face up.  

  Shuffle the game cards and place them in a stack in the middle, face down.  

  Decide the order of play.

The first player takes the top game card from the stack from the stack and looks at the picture.  If the picture matches his/her game board, the player puts it in in its correct place.  It is then the next players turn, and so on and so forth.                                                                                               The winner is the first player to cover all the pictures on his/her game board with matching game cards.  

How to play a game of concentration:  

 Select a game "leader".  The "leader" gives each player 1 game board.  

  The "leader" shuffles the game cards and places them in a stack in the middle, face down.  

  Each player looks at his/her game board for 1 minute and tries to remember the pictures on it.  

  The "leader" times this stage and announces when 1 minute is up.  The players turn their game boards over and place them in front, face down.  

  The "leader takes the top game card from the stack and shows it to all the players.  The player who thinks that the card matches his/her game board says "its mine", takes the card and places it next to the board game, face up.  The "leader takes another game card from the stack, and so forth and so on.  

  When all the cards in the stack have been used, all the players turn over their game boards and put the cards they have taken during the game in the correct places.                                                                                                                                                                                                    For every card that matches the board, the player earns 1 point.                                                                                                                                         For every card that does not match, the player loses 2 points.                                                                                                                                                   The Winner is the player who earns the highest number of points.  


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